DON’T CARE NEVER CARED I’m going to this lgbt camp til Monday so I won’t have my phone til then PLZ don’t unfollow thanks love u

u are not a feminist if u make fun of other girls bodies

Anonymous said: wait sorry if this is too personal but are you gay, or bi? (not judging just curious)

idk!!! probably bisexual or pansexual I don’t really care to be honest

Anonymous said: What was ur previous URL??

I was harryfuckyou & harryfistme & hahacries

u guys I’m going to a gay camp this weekend please pray I find a gf….

*people who don’t have anxiety trying to give people advice* You just gotta get up and talk to people I know it’s hard but you just gotta do it :)

*takes nudes but puts a peace sign up to remain Cool and Hip*